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Susan Crawford's FIBER  reveals that, “If we can just finish the last mile for fiber to reach into households. . .  we can unleash a revolution of economic growth, education, and health, and address inequality in a whole new way. Crawford shifts effortlessly from the heights of policy to the literal ground level and shows us the way.”

—Anthony Marx, President, New York Public Library


Susan Crawford is a professor at Harvard Law School and an expert in tech, public policy, and how they affect our lives. She is the author of three books on the subject and a columnist for WIRED. 


Cities and citizens around the world are using data around the world to thicken democratic engagement. In her recent talk at MIT, Susan Crawford expands on themes from her new book, "The Responsive City," co-authored with Stephen Goldsmith, and the heroism it describes—together with the many open policy questions it raises.

Susan Crawford: “The Responsive City”
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"The Responsive City", MIT Center for Civic Media


Susan Crawford maintains a biweekly Ideas column for WIRED. Check out her latest article below for up-to-the-minute thinking on technology and public policy.

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